20th Anniversary of Netlab was planned for February 2020. It was cancelled because of the starting Corona endemic. We will inform you when the anniversary will be held.

Netlab looks for companies interested in biomass gasification with hydrogen as main product

Netlab promotes a high temperature, indirectly heated gasification technology developed by Green Fortress Engineering (spin-up of Indiana University- Purdue University Indianapolis, IUPI) which yields a produce gas in vol %:

    • H2   42 %
    • CO2   9 %
    • N2     6 %
    • CO    38 %
    • CH4    5 %

Typical hydrogen yields with a feed rate of 1 to 2 tons of biomass (e.g. crop and ligno- cellulosic waste, cardboard and animal manure) per day result in 5 to 8 kg H2 at production costs of 1,2 to 2 US$ per kg H2 depending on the price of biomass.

Pilot for testing available

Should your company be interestd in this technology, please contact Netlab