Netlab performs two assignments  for clients:

(1) Technology watch on themes of interest to industrial clients and technology audits. For instance on technologies related to hydrogen or environmental topics such as ecological asset management or smart cities.

(2) Netlab functions as a virtual laboratory for clients in managing a given R&D project by entrusting reputed universities such as TU–Aachen (RWTH) or institutes such as Fraunhofer with experimental work. The project management and reporting to the client is assured by Netlab.

Our principal clients are utilities (oil & gas), automobile & suppliers and electronics companies.

Netlab GmbH
Kronen Strasse 52, 4217 Dusseldorf, Germany
Phone: +49-211—994-5473  Fax: +49 -211-994-5476
e-mail: trojer@netlabgmbh.de       

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