We are a group of senior technology experts who cooperate on projects of common interest. We have no organizational nor legal linkage with each other.

felix_j_trojerFelix J. Trojer
President of Netlab

Professional education: Dr.Phil at University of Graz (Austria); M.S. and Ph.D. at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Cambridge (USA)

email:                              +49-211-994-5473


Howard Yamamoto
President of Global Bridge Consulting in Kyoto (Japan)

Netlab Partner for project work in Japan +81-75-634-7824     email:




Guido Tschulena Head of sgt Sensor Consulting, Editor of Sensor Magazin,

Netlab Partner for joint project work Professional education: Dr.Phil. at University of Vienna (Austria)

 +49-601-56168            email:


Don W. Caudy
Senior Consultant and Associate Member of Netlab

Professional education: M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, (USA)

+1-614-563-6856   email:


dominique_richonDominique Richon
Senior Consultant and Member of Netlab

Professional education: Chemical Engineer, University of Montpellier (France)

+33-6-7228-0900          email:




Efraim F.Wasservogel
Project Director at ELBIT Systems associated Member of Netlab,

Professional education: Ph.D. in Mathematics and Economics at Sorbonne University, Paris (France)

 +972-50-543-2100    email: